6 The Law of Minimal Medical Invasiveness

“The art of medicine is generally a question of time”. — Ovid

If violating any of the laws of wellness were a punishable offense, a large portion of Americans would be in jail. By far the most violated law in this book is the Law of Minimal Medical Invasiveness. Honor and esteem the doctor who says, “We want to treat you right but do only what is absolutely necessary, and with minimum side effects. We’re going to help your body heal!”

Everybody has an explanation for why health care costs so much, in terms of both time and money. Greedy doctors, inefficient hospitals, patients eager to sue for malpractice, unnecessary tests, risk-averse insurers, mountains of paperwork, excessive care for the elderly and the terminally ill. Take your pick. The bill is huge. Health care costs us a trillion — yes, trillion! — dollars per year.

The Law of Minimal Medical Invasiveness demands that medical patients become medical consumers and assume a new, proactive pro-active role in the treatment of illness and the maintenance of health.

Understand the implications. The Law of Minimal Medical Invasiveness has a corollary that says, “American medicine is first and foremost a business.” This means that the people you are counting on aren’t always thinking of you first. They have payrolls to meet, mortgages to pay. Sometimes this means you’re over-tested, over treated, and given care that does not honor the Law of Minimal Medical Invasiveness. Medical consumerism should be avoided, and a commitment to personally practice the laws of total wellness, is a necessity if we are to live a fulfilling life.

Note: Homeopathy is one of the most profound treasures that we have inherited from spiritually based healing method. Few would be able to actually explain the true mode of action as to why a homeopathic medicine ‘works’ especially when it flies directly in the face and buzzes one’s head as a pesky fly—that is bothering us. The concepts of homeopathy are unique and bizarre. It isn’t logical in many ways it contradicts what we have been taught about western medicine (allopathy). Homeopathy—likes cure likes—developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann explains a unique process for what could now be called ‘micro-dosing.’ The smallest amount of specific naturally found poisons such as ‘nux vomica’ the poison nut that if eaten as a nut causes severe vomiting, however when a smaller portion extracted into a tincture was given, it is used orally to resolve vomiting from another cause; be it infection or ingestion of a foreign or noxious food.

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