Why We Founded IABC


The International Association of Bionetic Counselors was formed as a members-only educational and certifying organization to establish Bionetic Science and to continue the course of dynamic health and healing in perpetuity. There couldn’t be a legacy for dynamic healing modalities without an association that promotes Bionetics as well as combines efforts in a united community of like-minded professionals.

Members do not have to own Bionetic technology. The principles of Bionetics are truths which will one day be universally recognized.

Align Now

We can only become united if we align with the highest truths about how and why we are here. The 120 postulate: Stephen Hawking was the first to say that for this solar system to be an accident is a 120-’0’s to 1 odds against it being random. Our universe is miraculous! We align with the postulate that we are here for a specific reason and a Higher Purpose. 

Dr. Lee G. Woolley