A Tribute to Spencer G. Woolley

Those who knew Spence knew him as a lover of life, his innocence and passion for championing humanity will always be remembered in the hearts of those of us that had the opportunity to know him. His spirit still lives here in this work how could it not, and in those moments of doubt that come when we are at a loss as to how to soothe the concerns of our clients or explain a complex issue, be still and you will hear the whisperings, and you might be surprised at the answer, I can assure you it will be focused on Love. Spencer’s contribution to our Vision statement many years ago still flow the company and we strive to attain the attributes of Consciousness Awareness Love and Light in our work. Please enjoy these wise words from a great man.


Vision statement

We envision a world of
Consciousness, Awareness, Love and Light

Which permeates the veil of Illusion and connects us with our Divine nature, aligns us with God and enables us to fulfill our life's mission. We are here to make a difference in the world by answering the CALL

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The thoughts below from Spencer speaks to his philosophy and approach to life.

Spirit is the internal reference point of Life. It represents the immeasurable potential of all that was, is, or will be. Within that infinite potential, we limit ourselves by our thoughts. We stand at the center of our existence, unaware that we are defined not so much by the space we occupy, as by the area that contains us. Fear, judgment, and control protect us like so many layers of thick skin. Beyond this banner is Life - "waiting to happen," to be "realized or actualized." Life is for learning the truth in all things - for recognizing the intelligence of God and all things. Truth is but an expression of Spirit. It is non-toxic, fearless, and without judgment. If truth is absolute, it is bound only by Love.

Life's goal is not to outwit death and disease, or "get out alive" but to become conscious and self-actualized, aware, and able to handle all challenges without fear, and with an understanding of the message of truth contained in the change.

To be a conscious, self-actualized, person means to break free from the limits of self, by surrendering self-will to Divine Will. It means to be aware of the body as an expression of Spirit: a physical carrier of consciousness. It means to live Life with Love, honor, and forgiveness. To accept change as it comes, and to understand that what is needed and appropriate, will always manifest in its own time and way.

There are many lessons to be learned on the way to achieving the goal. Let the physical world and your body be your tears. Align them with the Spirit - don't skip school!

Spencer G. Woolley-Co-Developer of the SpectraVision

Love Consciousness and Awareness By Spencer Woolley

All love, given our very limited view to define and perceive, is based on a search to find a path and align with God, for God is Love. (Whatever you conceive Her to be.) 

Love is an opportunity to step onto a path that can become timeless and spaceless. This path becomes an opportunity to learn of God and to learn of Spirit and bring them to this time/space event. To follow this path builds a consciousness of infinite potentiality and infinite possibilities. Consciousness creates. Consciousness conceives. Consciousness constructs. Consciousness governs and becomes. To Be and to Be Love in restful awareness is the goal of conscious activity. 

As we all follow our chosen path to the ultimate manifestation and as we focus on the vision and destination of our journey, we find the path blocked by gaps of reality; we find ourselves motivated out of needs which are born out of fears. These fears can become simple speed bumps, or dangerous, destructive detours. To be aware of them is the first step in becoming free from them. Awareness of the roadblocks on our path to consciousness is key to finding love.

Love, Consciousness, and Awareness

Life's goal is not to outwit death but to become conscious and self-actualized; to learn how to love and be loved and to Be. From the very moment of conception, our existence here has been about understanding the expressions of God's love and its manifestation in our lives. All else or anything less would be an illusion. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. That experience is about love. 

Our path should lead us to the understanding that life is a gift worth living, that we are of eternal value and of infinite worth; that we are loved unconditionally; that we have a direct connection to Deity; and a Divine Destiny. Fear is the antithesis of this Love. Awareness of our fears can eliminate the roadblocks. 

Marianne Williamson: Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the World. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won't feel unsure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. As we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. 

The characteristics of LOVE help define if you are on your path. Love is patient, kind, honest and truthful. It builds in one hope, endurance, faith and belief. It is not ego bound or boastful. It builds dignity, respect, self-esteem and self-worth. It is slow to anger and shuns evil. The more internalized these characteristics and qualities become the more conscious one is. 

The power of love is to heal and make whole, to renew and make safe. The experiences encountered on the path of life can obliterate this love that was once so familiar to us and cause us to think the world is unsafe and we are unloved. In our ingesting of the Quantum Soup from the Cosmic Kitchen, we decode the information and data with filters based on our metabolized experiences. Our perception of the world around us is based on the intelligence and consciousness that result from the feedback of the data and information filtered by our metabolized experiences. In this circumstance, consciousness becomes one's reality and manifests in the physical realm. The role of a practitioner is to empower, with love, his client with the awareness where this information--to--consciousness flow was impeded and to help 

identify what is necessary to get back on the path and back to the power of love to be healed and made whole, to be renewed and made safe. 

Spiritual masters teach that the still point, the calm in the chaos or the silence between thoughts is the home of spirit, and the source of love. It is an infinite moment in the present. We are meant to be at that moment. It is our view of infinite potential. It only becomes finite because of the limited perspective and view we have of that potential created by our metabolized experiences. This is consciousness. 

Think of the time you were first tested on the Phazx Body Scan. It was an experience you will never forget. And at that moment, as the Trailblazers recognized here today, something happened that was different. There was an "A ha!" that took place. You were introduced to something new and different. It was exciting and even created a desire or passion. You focused only on the present, not tied to the past or worried about the future. You became open to something new and had optimism about the results. You let it happen, letting go of the outcome. You felt some sort of connection. You had the insight to yourself and to maybe something greater. You were empowered and enlightened. You became the center of the universe because in that moment your heart and mind connected. It was a cosmic event. It was consciousness raising and awareness building. 

Those same experiences take place with every scan, empowering and enlightening at the moment. Healing the world one scan at a time. The elements are being open and optimistic, focused on the present, and unbounded by the past or the future. Letting go. Trusting. Letting Love and Letting God. The heart and mind become connected. 

As with any pathfinder or trailblazer, one cannot help empower and enlighten or move and motivate unless they are also on the path. As a practitioner, you cannot advance others farther than you are. You cannot get anyone higher than where you are. As in mountain climbing, the stress and strain are indicators of being on a journey and of making progress and building strength as one goes. But you as the practitioner must be in the moment. Trusting. Loving. Letting go of the outcome. And letting God. Healing the world one scan at a time. One million scans. Consider what that means and the possibilities of that. Realizing the journey is inside oneself, you are there to provide love, consciousness, intention, and awareness. 

As consciousness increases, one builds awareness to the fears that cause 

roadblocks on the path. As one raises the level of consciousness we reach a level of restful awareness. In this restful awareness, one is now open to all possibilities. 

There is no judgment. One functions independent of the good opinion of others. It is non-analytical. It is a level of awareness where one can become and be the full measure of one's potential. The full measure of one's creation. Becoming completely open to the field of all possibilities and pure potentiality. Becoming a being of pure intelligence, intuition, insight, and understanding. Being in the moment, trusting, loving and letting go. Becoming one, becoming love and becoming light.

Historical Lectures

Even though these lectures date back quite a few years, they are still ahead of their time in the understanding of Bionetics. Please enjoy these words of wisdom.