Introducing an Exclusive Association To Train & Support Bionetic Science™ Counselors

Expand and Defend Your Right to Practice

With IABC membership, you'll gain access to these premium benefits for your practice:

  • Holistic business education
  • Umbrella protection through Certification
  • Legal protection services and assistance (SEAL or Emergency Red phone consultation)
  • Community full of like-minded natural counselors with forums, support, and networking

All New Human members can get started for free!

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Ensure confidence, success, and security with IABC.

Certification & Community

Free at Certain Levels of membership.  

We offer IABC General Wellness Education with optional Certification. Also, at certain membership levels, enjoy videos, podcasts, and articles by Spencer & Lee Woolley. We'll go over the basics of homeopathy, Bionetics & natural care. You can also become Certified in Bionetic Science. Also, when you're ready, become Certified as a Bionetic Spiritual Counselor.

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Monthly Legal Protection

Get protection right now. SEAL protection is a shared expense affordable legal service that's very valuable. Many of those who are helping in alternative health have been singled out by their state. Do you fear your state could be at your front door? Do you think you're going to be next, just for doing what's naturally right? Many are fighting to defend the truth about health; We can get you the help you need. 

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The PEACE Process

Sales & Marketing Solutions For Building Your Business 

Considered to be the definitive marketing resource for holistic, functional, and integrative clinicians, this program is FREE for anyone who certifies in General Wellness. Join the thousands who are successfully using The PEACE Process as the marketing method that turns your personal calling into a thriving business.

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Red Phone For Emergencies

This is another option instead of the SEAL monthly protection services, but if you don't choose SEAL, then the Red Phone is a next best direct step for you. The Red Phone is a way to at least get emergency help if something happens that you weren't expecting and you need to find legal counsel. (See Details).

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If you are looking for protection, advice, holistic products and a community that offers the deeper the truth of healing, sign up for FREE membership here.

If you have previously signed up for our FREE membership, then you are already a general member of IABC and you can upgrade your membership level and start the IABC certification process at any time by logging into your New Human account.