General Statement of Use:

I understand that this is a private agreement group. And that these products and services are NOT AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. As such I understand the following:

  • International Association of Bionetic Practitioners (IABC) is not a medical group, and does not promote Western Scientific Medicine; nor does it directly interfere with WSM even though its tenets are sometimes quite opposite.
  • IABC is a holistic, non-religious, health group supporting principles of wellness that incorporates body, mind, and Spirit (God).
  • IABC and the products and technologies provided herein are not designed to Diagnose, Treat, Or Mitigate Any WSM classified disease or condition, but they are designed to re-establish bio-emotional and physiological balance and uses biofield and human energy fields assessments.
  • Disease nomenclature is merely used to substantiate biological profiling of physiological programs for healing responses and symptoms.
  • Although various WSM terms are used they are merely for clarification and clarity for mapping and profiling the etiology IABP has found be links often caused by physical, mental, emotional disturbances. Stress and stress responses for various tissues and tissue pathways.
  • IABC does promote emerging and ancient sciences including the science of Germanic New Medicine, Homeopathy, Biofeedback, Stress Management, The Chinese Model of Medicine, Mind Body Spirit Balancing including Meditation, Herbology, Energy, Thought Field, Meridian Balancing and the use of light as therapy to re harmonize the body/mind and to stimulate innate healing events within the individual’s life.
  • This website and the associated materials are designed to offer education, training, support, and products which are naturally occurring and deemed to aid the body/mind/spirit in finding a place of greater balance and harmony.

By applying for a membership, I further understand and accept that in being granted access to this site I am certifying that I do agree with the overall concept of body/mind and Spirit and the need to re-think how to aid the process of healing.

I will not copy these materials or distribute them to others who are not within the IABC group membership.

I understand that under IABC, that there are no claims in this website or in the materials that refer to offering any services that would be considered medical (WSM), nor are they designed to mitigate, diagnose, or treat such diseases and or illnesses or conditions declared within the WSM community.

To enjoy the benefits of the IABC (International Academy of Bionetic Counselors) and New Human website you must read and agree with the General Statement of Use. You are electronically accepting the terms of this agreement by proceeding with General Membership Registration and a copy will be emailed to you by email after registration.

Notice of Products and Services:

Our products and services are intended for our private practitioner community ONLY, and they are solely for members of the International Association of Bionetic Counselors  (IABC). If you are not a State Licensed healthcare provider, should you desire to provide IAB products and services, you may become an IABC  licensed practitioner for a monthly fee (tailored to your level of practitioner care) after you have completed certification.

To purchase our products or technology, you must be a subscribing member of IABC and provide health services at a licensed practitioner level, be in good standing and have attended our basic training courses in person or on line. All terms and conditions are subject to change. Please contact us for the latest published document.

To become a free member presently, and request further information from and to gain access to the website, please apply here.

If you are a State licensed provider, you may register to become a free member of the IABC however there are restrictrictions on providing these services to the general public. You must be Certified to do so. This service may not be able to be provided in some States due to State Restrictions unless certain guidelines are met.  Certification Programs require separate fees and ongoing conditions for professionalism and continuing education. Certification is not guaranteed if ongoing requirements are not met.

-----Tools For Wellness

New Human welcomes diversity with a focus on professionals currently in a wellness practice, those seeking a learning in the growing field of integrated holistic health and energy medicine specialties and who wish to incorporate a greater understanding of the human condition into their practice. Our program audiences include, practitioners whose career or personal interests move them into the fields of Consciousness, Intuition, Spirituality, Complementary, Integrative or Alternative Healing.

Your application for IABC  grants you access to information about the remarkable BioneticTM technology. After processing your application, and upon verification, can provide access to wholesale ordering or Multidimensional Products, Education, and BioneticTM Technology

New Human is a distributor member of The International Association of Bionetic Counselors. The IABC's mission along with New Human is to restore and protect natural health care concepts and services that can be offered both professionally and ethically placing protection of the IABC members and counselors, and to protect providers that wish to offer these services and to assure access for those seeking God-given general wellness counseling.

Upon approval of your New Human application, you will be granted free membership to the International Association of Bionetic Counselors.