Hands-on Training & Online Tracks

Hit the ground running with our comprehensive online curriculum and hands-on training.


Online Emotox Sensitivity Elimination

It is believed that all sensitivities have an underlying Learned Emotional Response (LER).


Hands-on Intro to Bionetics

This hands-on training will show you how to use your new SpectraVision system plus Bionetic wellness protocol with clients.


Hands-on Voll Polarity Therapy

Voll Polarity Therapy is the second level training for use with SpectraVision technology, EmOtox is a prerequisite for attendance at this training.


BNC1 - Online Bionetic Counselor Level 1

This track will take you step by step through learning single channel and multichannel scans, reading and interpreting the scan results, and how to use the low-level light therapy laser (LLLT).


BNC2 - Online Bionetic Counselor Level 2

The Bionetic Counselor 2 (BNC2) track is a detailed exploration of the foundational concepts of the Chinese 5 element theory, homeopathy, and homotoxicology. This course delves into holistic anatomy and physiology, diathesis and expanded clinical applications of bionetic science.

Hands-on Training Practicums

Once you've attended training, stop here for supporting material and class references.

Hands-on Intro to Bionetics Practicum

Hands-on Intro to Bionetics Practicum

Voll Practicum

Hands-on Voll Polarity Practicum

ECPR Practicum

Hands-on ECPR Practicum